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n o r t h & s o u t h

Lindsay Sarah
21 December 1985
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a&e, acting, affection, alcohol, alexz johnson, all-american rejects, almost famous, animal crossing, athlete, backstreet boys, ben jelen, big brother, billy talent, black cats, blink 182, books, bright eyes, bring it on, broadway, bubble baths, bunnies, camping, canadian bands, canadian beer, canadian tv, cassie steele, chocolate, cillian murphy, clue, comedy, computers, concerts, contests, corner gas, crazy/beautiful, csi, cuddling, curious george, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, degrassi, diablo ii, diet coke, dolphins, downtown sasquatch, drama, dreams, eternal darkness, family guy, feel the magic, final fantasy, firefox, friendship, garrett hedlund, gavin degraw, giggles, gilmore girls, grand theft auto, green day, grey's anatomy, halo, harry potter, hockey, hugs, i heart huckabees, ibook, ice cream, instant star, intelligence, internet, kelly clarkson, kindness, kisses, kiwibox, laughing, law & order, liz phair, lois duncan, long hot showers, love, macaroni and cheese, macs, mario golf, max haines, meg cabot, monkeys, movies, msn, music, new york city, nintendo ds, o-town, ottawa, ottawa senators, paranormal, passion, penguins, phantom planet, photography, pickles, psychology, punk, rainbows, reading, red vs blue, rent, resident evil, risk, robert carmine, rollercoasters, romance, rooney, sarcasm, scrubs, shooting stars, singing off key, sleep, smiles, snuggling, something corporate, song lyrics, sophie kinsella, sparkles, spongebob squarepants, spooning, starbucks, stars, sunsets, sunshine, super mario, sweatshirts, taking back sunday, the amazing race, the apprentice, the killers, the oc, the sims, this is wonderland, thunderstorms, tim burton, travelling, true crime, trust, truth, undergrads, vc andrews, video games, wes anderson, winter, writing